Joseph BeuysSocial Plastic

Beuys gave determining suggestions to the reorganisation of the cultural and social life as well as for the economy.

With his foundation of the > Free International University <(FIU) he wanted to create the culture of the next century, because he saw the contemporaries as. " ... more and more alienates from their life, from their job, from their innner powers, from their creativity." Beuys told his position in the conversation with Louwrin Wijers on the 3rd June, 1980 in Duesseldorf. In the farther course of the conversation Beuys " says that is in the workplaces at the hospital, in the industry, at the railways, at the university, this new concep of creativity should has to be there, so to speak which has, however, one should understands this system. This is the "anthropological art concept" to say, also entitled: Every person is an artist.Nevertheless, I do not say: Every person can be Rembrandt. "

Beuys understands our society in all its facets as a reality which has to be formed artistically . This formative attempt for a > sculpture for the future < Beuys calls > social plastic <.