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2014 - City of Darmstadt, County Museum Hessen , Germany -

I visited the "Block Beuys" in September 2014, in the renovated museum several times. Everything in the museum seems well and good, even if the new orientation of the museum towards the Flaneur raised questions. The rebuilding of the "Block Beuys" shows as a failure .

The installation in front of white walls does not function in the way the old one did. The original feeling vanished, the new environment can not hold a candle to the reorganization . The ghost of the work has escaped...

The "Jute-walls" were probably still part of the work , you can see and feel that now . The effect of the work is cold, lacks the tension with Jute. All things are isolated now. The "Block Beuys" holds a very different feeling and statement by now . It has a different mood and orientation. It is no more an original. Moreover, even the original drawings and paintings are copies now, replaced by on the idea of protection.

The newly constructed "information space" does not work ... how sad to see this all happening.

... and now it seems that this destruction of the work of Beuys > THE CAPITAL < in the city of Schaffhausen, follows the same rolemodell.
So sad.

Klaus Tesching , Münster

2013 - Beuys-Abende, Matineen und Workshops mit Rainer Rappmann

-Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns, wenn Sie Interesse an einer Veranstaltung in Ihrer Stadt / Einrichtung haben: annette.woelfle@t-online.de, Verein Soziale Skulptur e. V.

Reutlingen: 13. Februar 2014, 19h, Spitalhofsaal am Marktplatz-Beuys’ Beziehung zum Hasen und die Bedeutung der Hasenartigkeit in unserer Zeit

Filderstadt: Freitag, 18. Oktober, 19 – 23h, Kunstschule, Schulstr. 13, Plattenhardt

Gelsenkirchen: Freitag, 20. September, 20h, “werkstatt”, Hagenstraße 34, 45894 Gelsenkirchen-Buer

2012 - summary

17.09. + 18.09.2011 Moyland Castle

After one and a holf years: The new presentation of the BEUYS Collection.

Free entry Joseph Beuys Archiv and Library, open through the day.

02. September bis 29. Oktober 2011> JOSEPH BEUYS< - works on paper

Partitures, texts, drawings und materialcollages from a private collection- Muliple Box Hamburg ,

13. May - 14 August 2011, > Difesa della Natura <, "Kunsthaus Zurich, Curated by Lucrezia De Domizio Durini, publication of the book> Beuys Voice <Lucrezia.

For decades, Beuys (1921-1986) stayed a few weeks each year in Bolognano within the Abruzzo, in order to pursue his artistic-ecological project "Difesa della Natura". As a '>Social Sculpture< the project was not only to start economic and environmental practice but also the aesthetic practice in a southern italian farming village as a fundamental reform.

1. Oct.2010-Jan 16, 2011 Ravensburg, Exhibition > Joseph Beuys Shaman - Works from the collection Konzett <, Am Gespinstmark

Tel 0751-3638714 or 82-1209 opening times Tue-Sun 10-13 and 14-18 Clock www.ravensburg.de

Wed, Oct 6th, 20 o`clock> Beuys and the region, "lecture Rainer Rappmann
Sat, Nov 6th, 14 o`clock> Hasenweg in Argenthal. Hike with Matt Schenk, meeting Humboldt House Achberg
Fri, Jan 7th , 20 o`clock> to capital and money concept in Beuys <John Stüttgen lecture.

2010 Ute Klophaus, who did most of the photos of Joseph Beuys in the 60th, died on 6th of December 2010.
Okt- Nov 15th >People from Gelsenkirchen around BEUYS<, exhibiton curatet by Juergen Kramer u.a. , Central Railstation, Gelsenkirchen, Germany, catalog available.
July 10th, 2010 - Jan 16th 2011
>JOSEPH BEUYS. Parallel Processes<, exhibition , K20 ArtMuseum <,Düsseldorf,Germany will be reopened with a Beuys retrospective at July 10th 2010.catalog available.
June 2010 - Beuys:> Sledge<, a multiple from his installation > The Pack< was sold in an auction in Cologne for 292.000 .
HEART( Herning Art Museum ) now holds the largest Beuys multiple collection in skandinavia on Joseph Beuys ( given by F.I. U. )

Ball State University, Indiana , Art Museum holds a small multiple collection on Joseph Beuys ( given by F.I. U. )

F.I. U. is willing to work on partnership basis with other institutions / universities worldwide on Joseph Beuys ( Planed mergers : Denver, Stanford, Corpus Christi, Oslo, St Petersburg, Kyoto ,

Verbeke Foundation works together with FIU Amsterdam

27.Sept 2009 >Beuys Is Here<, Joseph Beuys is shown at Bexhill on Sea, southern england, until September 27. at De La Warr Pavillion.

9.Sept.2009 >Museum Schloss Moyland< is going to be rearranged - as the dirctor Mrs Dr. Bettina Paust declared to the press.

Sept. 2009 270 Beuys-Multiples and10 originales were bought by >Pinakothek der Moderne<, Muenchen.

4.May 2009 Mrs. Dr. Bettina Paust is the new director of the >Schloss Moyland - Foundation<.

17.1.2009 Eva Beuys demands the Moyland foundation to give back the works of her husband Joseph Beuys to her.

Jan 2009 Block Beuys , Darmstadt will get another form as Beuys installed it, because of renovation.


Infos about the planed changes of > BLOCK BEUYS<,Darmstadt ,Germany