Download Zebra / Motorola MSR8800-00R driver windows 7 / 10

Download Zebra / Motorola MSR8800-00R driver windows 7 / 10

CE and WM devices are having issue to connect with Window 10 PC via WMDC.

Primary Solution:

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MSR8800-00 Symbol PPT-8800 Mag Stripe Reader (MSR) snap-on attachment. Has a pass-through connector for charging and communication with the MSR attached. Serial / Charging kit part number CBL2700-100U sold separately.

RES 5.5.2 adds support for using the following peripherals with Manager Procedures:

MC75A by Zebra (formerly the Motorola MC75A)

DPM Mode - Mode to optimize DPM barcode decoding performance based on barcode size (Default value is Mode 2):

Convert Code39 To Code32 - Code 32 is a variant of Code 39 used by the Italian pharmaceutical industry.

Ringer - Uses Ringer volume setting for audio feedback.

OPCC Check Digit - Select to check the integrity of all Interleaved 2 of 5 symbols to verify the data complies with the Optical Product Code Council (OPCC) check digit algorithm.

The Zebra MC2180-MS01E0A Mobile Barcode Computer has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

From the sales floor to the backroom, the Motorola MC2180 Barcode Terminal has what it takes to affordably automate the capture of data at the point of work giving your workers the tool to get the job done both quickly and accurately. Although value-priced, the MC2180 offers the fastest processor and best memory combo in its class while providing a rugged design, superior ergonomics, and flexible data capture options. Compatible with TracerPlus Mobile Software.