Download Zebra / Motorola G47480 driver windows 7 / 10

Download Zebra / Motorola G47480 driver windows 7 / 10

Okay, so you have just been successful to unlock bootloader on Moto smartphone. Go ahead, install custom ROMs, kernels, tweaks, etc. If you have issues post unlocking or during the process, let us know via the comments.

Hi Jim, I am sorry but if the carrier doesn’t support unlocking, then you really can use this method.

XDAFirmware is one of the few websites that provides Free Stock Firmware (OS) for more than 300+ Mobile Brands in the World. Each of the Stock Firmware shared on the site comes with the Flash Tool, USB Driver, and How-to Install manual along with the Firmware File.

The Stock Firmware can be used to Update the existing operating system (OS), Downgrade the OS, or reinstall the OS on the Mobile device. It can also use to Fix the Software Related issue, Bootloop issue, IMEI issue.

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In addition, it may be also partly owing to the inability of your Android to check for a network. A no-SIM Android will have no calls, no mobile data and no messages. Let us see how to deal with SIM Card Not Detected issue so that your phone can work as usual.

ADB and Fastboot Tool for getting Android out of fastboot mode

Get stuck in Android fastboot and don't know how to get out of it? As we generally know fastboot mode is used to write data directly to your phone's flash memory. But sometimes if things go wrong, you will get fastboot Android stuck. Here we walk you through how to exit fastboot mode.

Of course, there are still somes ways out there. Just move on and take a look at how to do with these ways.