Download Opticon OPH1005 PS driver windows 7 / 10

Download Opticon OPH1005 PS driver windows 7 / 10

You can find the data file in the folder you chose above.

The OPH1005 uses a piece of windows software called NetO32 to save the data file to the computer. To install NetO32 follow the steps below.

2.) Change Baudrate to 115200
3.) Change IrDA Device to 'None'

You will need a few files to update your OPH1005. All of these files can be found in the Downloads table below.

These are the steps to take on your device to complete the data transfer. Note that this set of instructions assumed an OPL9728 running our standard application. Other devices running default Opticon software will have similar, if not identical, setup instructions.

Since NetO32 needs to know what COM port your data will be coming in from you will need to know how to locate this information.

Notice: The downloading and use of any Opticon software implies consent with Opticon's End User License Agreement.

The prefix is set from a file c:\barcode\prefix.txt.

As you type in an item manually, the "current location" is replaced with the code entered so far.

The OPH-1005 uses a CRD-1006 cradle with an FTDI USB to serial converted built-in. The OPH-3001 has a USB socket built in.

Up arrow, down arrow: allows you to scroll through the scanned items. The arrow keys have auto-repeat. Hit Delete to delete one of the items.

The Opticon OPH-1005 is a reliable, durable and affordable mobile terminal that features an elegant design and a high speed (100 scans/second), integrated laser scanner that quickly and accurately scans barcodes. With its vibrant color display and compact size and weight – 2.17”W x 5.35”L x 0.91”D and 4.9 ounces – the OPH-1005 is the ideal solution for inventory control and mobile sales automation.

As a batch terminal, the OPH-1005 stores data onboard for later transfer via IrDA through a charging/communication cradle (sold separately). There are three cradle choices available: CRD-1006 (RS232, USB), CRD-1002 (Modem), CRD-1003 (GSM) and CRD-1004 (Ethernet). The mobile device is fully programmable and configurable via the free Opticon SDK, which enables solution providers to create customized scanning solutions. OPH-1005 products features include: