Download ForPOSt 2312sk driver windows 7 / 10

Download ForPOSt 2312sk driver windows 7 / 10

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·ลูกบอลตัวยึดและ แหวน ด้านในสามารถหมุนและให้ตัวได้อย่างอิสระตามวงแหวนนอก
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· ตลับ+C147ลูกปืนเม็ดกลม ไม่เหมาะสำหรับโหลดตามแนวแกนขนาดใหญ่ เนื่องจากสามารถรับโหลดตามแนวแกนได้ไม่มากนัก
·การใช้ อแดปเตอร์สำหรับตลับลูกปืนมีรูในเรียวช่วยให้ติดตั้งและถอดออกได้ง่าย

It is essential to recreate specialist’s degree programmes at the universities so as to prepare and train new engineers. Massive improvements in the quality of education are required so that new graduates would be able to master complex engineering challenges, if we want to develop main sectors of our local economy and want to move from standardized technologies to newer innovative and technology-intensive ones. Unfortunately, an existing talent development framework was artificially divided into two parts: 2-level Bachelor-Master educational qualifications and specialist programmes, which as a result leads to a break in the manufacturing chain.

At the last decade engineering skills have become highly-demanded at Russian, Canadian, Norwegian, Austrian, French, American, English, Finnish and other companies due to the fact that these countries have also established 2-level Bachelor-Master academic education. Some countries, Germany, Austria and Spain included, have decided to re-establish specialist programmes in engineer training for a number of basic industries.

Yuri Zhukovsky adds, “We have developed a compact device combining a video camera, a single-board computer, and an alarm system consisting of a speaker and LED indicators - all into one unit. By using high-resolution cameras coupled with a trained neural network, we can process data about driver’s condition with sufficient precision, making it possible to determine the moment when the person falls asleep in less than a second. Then an audio alarm is generated, and the seat or wristband starts vibrating. If the driver remains in deep sleep or cannot control the equipment for whatever reason, the vehicle control is switched into automatic mode, and safe braking procedure is carried out. Thus the possibility of driver-caused accidents at the mines can be eliminated. Moreover, significant capital investments are not necessary when implementing our solution due to the low costs of components and installation simplicity”.

According to Mr Zhukovsky, those control systems that have already been put into use by mining enterprises have several drawbacks. In particular, they either require a substantial modification of the truck or allow integrating the equipment into a single scheme only if the driver puts some of the hardware on themselves.

It is expected that in the next ten years, almost a third of all currently existing jobs will be robotised - primarily where harsh working conditions are implied, i.e. in the mines and quarries. There will be no need for people to work under the ground, only if a remotely piloted vehicle gets broken or a drilling rig has to be moved.

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