Download Citizen CL-S400 driver windows 7 / 10

Download Citizen CL-S400 driver windows 7 / 10

The LCD panel allows quick and simple configuration and also flashed red when an error occurs quickly alerting the operator.

Red color (When an error occurs)

Tags and labels can be stacked behind the pritner and easily changed with the Hi-Open print mechanism.

See SeaGull BarTender Pro for Label Creation Software

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Ver.: 4.3.04 When user changed printer's port, the printing was no longer possible until reboot. Ver.: 4.3.04 Port monitor now uses correct (64 bit) interface file on 64bit systems. Ver.: 4.3.04 Installation did not go through when upgrading from old printer driver, if the user had the driver connected to the Advanced Port Monitor (LAN) Ver.: 4.3.04 Bug fixed, where some changes on stocks updated default umprintable area values. Ver.: 4.3.04 Drivers with Unicode fonts do not show internal fonts on Windows Vista.

If you select for 'Operation Mode' Tear off the '^MMT' is sent and for Peel off '^MMP' command is sent. Ver.: 4.3.70 Media type selection (direct thermal, thermal transfer) is added into Datamax advanced setup dialog. User will find this option in secondary dialog which can be opened by button 'Other'.

Ver.: 4.4.01. Printer is 300DPI and not 203 DPI, like it is used in the driver. Ver.: 4.4.00 Invalid stocks are now marked. User can open the Stock properties dialog and press OK to fix the problem (which is usually stock dimension). Stock size will be automatically adjusted.

This is fixed now. Ver.: 4.4.30 - support for preinstall on all supported platforms Ver.: 4.4.01 Following new Citizen printers added: CL-S700 and CL-S700Z. Ver.: 4.4.01 EndDocument escape was sent even when there was no StartDocument.

Advanced Port monitor can now be added by using Windows Add New Port Type option.

DPL Vector fonts (CG Times, CG Triumvirate) printed from other Windows applications and not from labeling software were positioned wrong. This is corrected now.