Download CipherLab 94xx RFID driver windows 7 / 10

Download CipherLab 94xx RFID driver windows 7 / 10

With the development of E-commerce, delivery speed is in demand for industries such as transportation and logistics and direct store delivery. A smarter and faster solution is needed. The importance of device upgrade capability has become a crucial element in maximizing device investment and customer satisfaction. CipherLab continually aims to deliver a leading solution and has created the advanced RS51 rugged touch computer that can streamline data collection with one simple device. Along with reliable cellular and Wi-Fi transmission, the RS51 gives users extraordinary mobility indoors and out.

Your business and field workers can enjoy reliable cellular and Wi-Fi support. You never have to worry about facilitating large file transfers, video calls and remote access to backend systems with its 4G/LTE. Being connected to corporate system at all times allows you to acquire information, update backend system and receive notifications of information quickly. Supporting up to 2 SIM cards on 2 different networks, enables your workers who cover large areas in different countries to have constant connectivity. Also, a comprehensive GPS supports accurate positioning and reduces drive time. Voice capabilities, VoIP (Push-to-Talk) and VoLTE empower your field workers instant voice connection with staffs inside the office. The microphones with noise reduction and echo cancellation let users hear every word of every call in noisy environments or on the road in city traffic.

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CipherLab 1090+ Model

Fast, easy, and accurate scanning of up to 90 mm wide barcodes, combined with incredible reliability, low cost, and a 5-year warranty make the 1090+ a valuable tool. This scanner's wider field enables greater flexibility with labels. It puts more productivity into checkout lines, shop floors, and documentation centers, by accelerating processes and eliminating scanning errors reading barcodes printed too closely or at low quality. The 1090+ integrates flexibility, reliability, and value in a tool that's comfortable and laser-free safe to use all day long.

Read multiple symbologies with a rugged, reliable linear imaging 1105 scanner. The 1105 uses a 2048-pixel imager and can scan 4 mil barcodes as well as 30% PCS. With laser-free safety and durability, the 1105 is built for continuous scanning even in challenging environments. Backed with a 5-year warranty, the 1105 offers reliable quality with low total cost of ownership.