Download Zebra / Motorola Z 6M treiber windows 7 / 10

Download Zebra / Motorola Z 6M treiber windows 7 / 10

Failures that require the replacement (not repair) of a main logic board may not be covered in a flat rate repair, depending on the cost of the board. In this case, we will provide a cost estimate to include a replacement main logic board.

Includes main logic board repair

Clean and fully test prior to return

Lexicon can repair the vast majority of failed devices for our published flat rate amounts, however: 1) not every device is repairable and 2) sometimes a device can be repaired but the repair can't be accomplished for the flat rate.

You are an authorized user of the credit card and that the information you provided is accurate.

Surplus New: "New in Box" with older manufacturing date.

General Data is the #1 Zebra printer service center used by companies throughout the US, providing Zebra repair services and Zebra maintenance contracts for all types of Zebra label printers. Keep all your Zebra label printers in optimum working condition with Zebra printer repair plans and options, Zebra printer support, and Zebra printer service agreements from General Data.

I have been very pleased with the service I've received from General Data since we started with them back in 2014. Pete Petruk has always been quick to respond to issues and has been very helpful by explaining and showing me exactly what the problem was hand how it was resolved. Since General Data started doing preventative maintenance calls on my Zebra printers, the amount of calls to our IT help desk for Zebra issues has dropped significantly!

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