Download Star Micronics DP8340SC treiber windows 7 / 10

Download Star Micronics DP8340SC treiber windows 7 / 10

***Windows 10 Update KB5003637 is being reported to cause printing problems with some Star printers, and may also cause some Cash Drawers to not close properly. Star Micronics is actively looking into this matter. Please click here for updates ***

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The DP8340 is compatible with 64bit and the driver installs automatically. The problem is the printers have a Serial or LPT version. I ran into a problem because my clients have the LPT version with a USB adapter. (Their older pc's had lpt ports and this was fine when they bought their setup) Now that the pc's are being replaced due to a brown out that zapped the motherboards, the new pc's do not have LPT ports and have Windows 7 64bit. I cannot find a 64bit driver or way to make them work. How can I manually add the driver since it says it is compatible? I'm assuming it doesn't detect the printer due to the USB Adapter. Right now I have Star Micronics looking into it but I wanted to get this question out to see if anyone else has ran into a fix for this. They just bought new printers in april and got these because they were the same as before and recommended by their software vendors.

Please refer to the following URL (Developer's web site ) for the detail of the specification

TSP100III is the latest model in TSP100 series. TSP100 series is the flagship model in STAR MICRONICS products. TSP100III kept the compatibility with the existing TSP100 series and also had some new functions for mPOS.

**For serviceman**
- Check the maintenance counter
- Update the firmware

The DP8340 is a unique 114mm wide dot matrix impact printer used all around the world in multiple of applications. Its specific width allows it to print report, receipt, data or invoices depending of your needs. Its high reliability and its capability to support 12V, make it a perfect product for many mobile applications in vehicles. Its ability to print black and red has been a great benefit by bringing attention to special items on the receipt.

The TSP100 thermal printer series is provided with all standard operating systems drivers (Windows, Linux and Mac) and specialty drivers like the OPOS and JavaPOS. Also, included in the drivers, Star has included simple utilities that will enhance the Retail or hospitality applications and therefore make the entire experience a charm.

Auto-Text Reversal for wall mounted or vertical operation. Simply tick the box and all output will be automatically turned upside down for user comfort. All setting can be stored on the PC and “mirrored” across other TSP100 printers with a simple export configuration feature for mass system installations. No hardwired configuration is needed at all.