Download Posiflex DT-208B treiber windows 7 / 10

Download Posiflex DT-208B treiber windows 7 / 10

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This chapter describes organometallic reaction mechanisms. Considerable progress has been made in establishing the mechanistic pathways by which organornetallic compounds react. The chapter discusses some aspects of this progress, with emphasis on the unique parallel between coordination chemistry and organometallic chemistry. This parallel is demonstrated in (1) ligand exchange reactions, which are equilibrium processes; (2) solvent and salt effects on the path and rate of organometallic reactions; (3) the electrochemistry of organometallics; and (4) in data demonstrating the importance of nucleophilic participation at metal and electrophilic attack at carbon in scission and addition reactions of organometallic compounds. This chapter discusses organometallic derivatives of the nontransition metals and reactions involving scission of an M–H or M–C bond. In the area of organometallic reaction mechanisms, there is considerable room for well-conceived mechanistic studies, particularly, in those cases, where the reagents are extremely difficult to handle and where absolute reaction rate constants are exceedingly high. The nature of the carbon–metal bond in various solvents, and the aggregation of the organometallic reagent in many cases also need re-examination.

Present address: Department of Chemistry, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, Virginia.