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update news: 22 june 2017 update database: 01 april 2017. next update planned before 31 july 2017

News: +++ VoBMEritrea heard again on 7180, june 21 after three months' break +++

Questions, queries, mysteries, missings: +++ A christian station named "Nehemiah's Trumpet Call" plans to become active on 49m (5950) from South Sudan +++ A little excerpt of a report by Ilpo Parviainen, found in DXLD 1316: "Goldrock has recently revamped 2 NEC for the Uganda broadcasting corporation with success and are currently on Air." So where is the 2nd? +++ In Oct. 2011, a 25kW SW outlet for EP do Moxico, Angola, was reported to be underway. It is of course not impossible that the one planned for 7245/11955 in 2006, still unheard, may come into use. +++ Currently missing or unreported: 6250 Malabo, 7245 Mauretania, 9705 Niger - Give them a try! +++

What this page should contain:

A complete list of Subsaharan Africa Radio Stations broadcasting on Shortwave, frequencies, times, listening experiences...

What this listing definitely does not contain:

  • Stations from African countries north of the Sahara of course (except target broadcasts to other parts of Africa)
  • Stations from South Africa and Swaziland (with the same exception)
  • Non-African external service broadcasts via African relay sites (such as VoA Botswana, DW Kigali etc.)
  • Relays of international gospel stations via these sites
  • Target broadcasts to Africa via Non-African sites
  • stations I forgot, I don't know, ...

Download it as zipped .rtf-file or .pdf .

Sources: A-DX, DX Listening Digest, BDXC, my own observations, contributions of various DXers [possibly including you]

To send me an email, please use *africalist {at} free.de*

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