Speaking for the Coordinating Committee of the Greens/Green Party USA,
Starlene Rankin of Ames, Iowa, said today, " The Greens/Green Party USA
calls for an immediate halt to US-led NATO bombing of Yugoslavia with its
resulting loss of human lives and environmental destruction.  We demand a
return to negotiations and peace monitors under the auspices of the United
Nations General Assembly, the European Union, and the Organization for
Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

"We are working in solidarity with the European Greens, who have also
called for an end to NATO air strikes. We are disappointed, however, that
the German Greens have so far failed to dissent from the pro-NATO
intervention policy of the Red/Green alliance governing Germany. We call on
the German Greens to return to their anti-war roots and nonviolent
principles and join the call to an immediate halt to NATO's air strikes.

"We call on the U.S. government to stop this illegal intervention in a
sovereign state that has received no sanction from the United Nations and
has received no Declaration of War from the US Congress, as our
Constitution requires.  We call on the US to pursue, through the UN
Security Council and the OSCE, renegotiating an immediate cease fire,
working closely with Russia and other European countries to facilitate
negotiations, building a multilaterally-supported political process for new
negotiations between the parties to the conflict within a framework of
international law, returning civilian observer-peace monitors to Kosovo,
and reasserting efforts to hold all actors accountable under international
law for crimes, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

"NATO bombing only makes it harder for the pro-democracy movements of both
Serbs and Albanian Kosovars in Yugoslavia.  NATO bombing has already
worsened the ethnic violence on the ground by providing cover for stepped
up action by both the Serbian army and the Kosovo Liberation Army.  NATO
bombing is helping to defeat the internal democratic opposition inside
Serbia by rallying the besieged Serbs to the militaristic forces of Greater
Serbian nationalism.

"NATO's intervention is an environmental disaster for the people of
Yugoslavia.  The depleted uranium shells used by US forces will jeopardize
the health of the people and the land for generations to come.

"We do not for one minute believe the humanitarian pretext for the US-led
NATO military intervention.  If humanitarian motives guided the US and NATO
actions, then they would have intervened long ago to stop the atrocities
committed by NATO member, Turkey, against the Kurds.  Why are the USA and
its NATO partners suddenly so concerned about civilian casualties while
their sanctions, according to UN estimates, kill 5000 Iraqis a month?
Humanitarian rhetoric cannot hide the geopolitical objectives of the US in
the War, namely, dominating the Balkans in order to secure access to
Caspian oil and gas and turning US-led NATO into a global police force for
protecting corporate investments.

"There are no easy answers to the conflict in Kosovo, and we firmly believe
that bombing will not resolve ethnic conflict in the Balkans.  It will only
harden the militarists on all sides and lead to occupation by NATO forces
to enforce an unjust peace, which will meet with resistance and the loss of
more lives, including American troops.

"Let us be clear that we oppose Milosevic's reactionary nationalist project
of a Greater Serbia.  In particular, we condemn the violence of both the
Serb-led Yugoslav Army against Albanian Kosovar civilians and the  Kosovo
Liberation Army against Serb civilians.  We support the right of Albanian
Kosovars to self-determination and independence.  We support pro-democracy
movements in all the Balkan states.  We must work directly with the
anti-war, pro-democracy movements in all the Balkan states and support
their nonviolent social struggles to lift oppression and resolve conflicts
(for example, by building the campaign to support Radio B92, the
independent Serbian anti-war, pro-democracy station recently banned by

"Americans are victims of the NATO bombing, too.  Resources devoted to US
imperial ambitions and the Military/Industrial Complex are resources
siphoned away from education, health care, economic security, our decaying
cities, and our environment in the US."

The Greens/Green Party USA is working for the creation of a sustainable,
just society based on the Ten Key Values of Ecological Wisdom, Grassroots
Democracy, Social Justice, Nonviolence, Decentralization, Community-Based
Economics, Feminism, Respect for Diversity, Personal and Global
Responsibility, and Future Focus and Sustainability.


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