25 May 1999

 Down with the Right to intervene !

                        Down with the NATO and Great Power Diktat !

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An international conference on Protecting People in Times of War is to be held in Paris on July 1 & 2, 1999, three
months and one week after the beginning of NATO's war against Yugoslavia.

NGOs like Médecins du Monde, Médecins sans frontières, Amnesty International, the International Red Cross and
CARE will take part, as well as political representatives of NATO countries, like Hilary Clinton, Tony Blair, Gerhard
Schröder and Jacques Chirac. Kofi Annan and the heads of state of Poland, Jordan, South Korea, Brazil, South Africa,
Nigeria, etc will also be present as mere foils and the big media of NATO countries, like CNN, The International
Herald Tribune and Le Monde have been invited as well.

Two passages in the preparatory document (30 April 1999) ar particularly noteworthy :

  1.The right to intervene has above all inspired hope that it is at last possible to distinguish " humanitarian "
    intervention from " politico-diplomatic " intervention (i.e. military intervention, editorís note).
  2.The most difficult obstacle to overcome is the principle of Stat sovereignty, around which international law has
    been built. (Ö) In fact, the real obstacle is the law itself ; sovereign right authorizes States not to apply
    international law, and it even legitimizes their failure to do so.

State sovereignty and terrirorial integrity are the fundamental principles of international law, openly violated par
NATO in Yugoslavia since the so-called Rambouillet Agreements. On July 2 and 3, the NGOs present at the
conference will fly to the assistance of NATO and its crimes under the slogan : To stop NATO breaking international
law, change the law.

NATO aggression against Yugoslavia has clearly shown that it is totally fallacious to distinguish between
" humanitarian " intervention and " politico-diplomatico-military " intervention. The aggression by NATO is an
imperialist act of unspeakable cruelty, trying to cover itself up in humanitarian rags. A summary assessment of the
internationalisation of the Kosovo conflict is enough to condemn the NATO countries completely : thousands of dead
and maimed, more than 700.000 refugees, a million unemployed, a material price equivalent to what it would cost to
eliminate extreme poverty from the whole of Africa and Latin America for one year. Military intervention by NATO
has transformed a serious local tragedy into an international catastrophe. The NATO war has nothing to do with
human dignity and everything to do with human abjectness:  the lives of millions of human beings subjected to the
interests of the multinationals belonging to NATO powers.

Dr Pol De Vos

Chairman of the Anti-Imperialist League

                         Motion against " Humanitarian " Intervention

The undersigned denounce the main aim of the Paris Conference of July 2 and 3, 1999 on Protecting People in Times of War. This aim is to
subordinate state sovereignty to the so-called " humanitarian " right to intervene. History has shown that this right to intervene is the right for the
imperialist great powers to impose their diktat, according to their interests, on the states they oppress.

The undersigned appeal to NGOs not to fall a prey to the manúuvres of the NATO great powers and urge them to boycott the Paris conference
and expose its real aims publicly.





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This motion is proposed by the Anti-Imperialist League (Belgium), 68, rue de la Caserne, 1000 Brussels, Belgium (Tel : 32 25 13 53 86 - Fax : 32 25 13 98 31 - Email : lai@ptb.be - Website : http://www.ptb.be/paix. Please return signatures to the above address.

For your information, we give you the address of the secretariat of the Paris Conference:

Secrétariat de la conférence "Protéger les populations dans la guerre"

62 rue Marcadet, F-75018 Paris, France

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