CW-Activity Week CWAW

To promote the use of telegraphy on all amateur radio bands (HF, VHF, UHF) the Deutscher Telegrafie Club e.V. invites all radio amateurs to participate in our CW Activity Week (CWAW) competitions.
These CWAW events will be held twice a year, each one counting separately.
May 1, 00:00 UTC until May 7, 24:00 UTC
Oct 1, 00:00 UTC until Oct 7, 24:00 UTC
Any CW-QSO is valid, be it a "normal" QSO or a contest QSO. Any radio amateur band may be used.
Points to claim:
a) for QSOs on th HF bands:
    - each contest-QSO counts 1 point
    - each non-contest-QSO counts 2 points
b) for QSO on the VHF and UHF bands:
    - each contest-QSO counts 2 points
    - each non-contest-QSO counts 3 points
Sum of all points.
All QRPers, please note:
If all QSOs were made using QRP (max. 10 W input or 5 W output), the sum of points may be multiplied by 1.25 for final scoring to counterbalance the QRP handicap.

There is no listing by scores achieved.
Instead, every participant claiming 30 to 59 points will receive a nice "CWAW" QSL card, while those claiming 60 points and up will receive the beautiful "CWAW" award.
Log entries will have to reach the CWAW manager no later than May 31 or Oct 31, respectively.
No fees are charged, but SASE (normal letter size for 30 to 59 points claimed, next higher size for those claiming 60 points and up) is very much appreciated.
Logs should be mailed to:
Thomas Koenig DG6YFY
- CWAW -
Rincklakeweg 43
48153 Muenster
Log entries may also be made by e-mail to: