Joseph Beuys Organisations

Organisations created by  Beuys

Beuys gave suggestions for the reorganisation of the cultural and social life as well as the economy.

With his > Free International University <( FIU) he wanted to create the culture of the next century. Since he saw the contemporaries as. " ... more and more alienates from their life, from their work, from their inwardness, from their creativity. " ( Beuys in the conversation with Louwrin Wijers, Ddorf, 3rd June, 1980 ) and at an other place in the conversation: " That is in the workplaces in the hospital, in the industry, with the railway, on the university, this a new creativity concept would have to be there, so to speak which has, however, the consequence that one understands this system. This is the anthropological art concept to say also entitled: > Every person is an artist <


From this beginning Beuys founded different study groups: