Dies ist ein Erfahrungsbericht einer Austauschschülerin, die ein halbes Jahr in Oswestry, England verbrachte:

My stay at an English boarding school

I was in the 10th form when I first heard a friend of mine saying that she was going to go to an English boarding school. I had never really thought about that idea. However when I looked at the prospectuses she had, I found it more and more interesting. As I was not very good at English I thought a 3-month stay would be a good opportunity to improve my English. My parents liked the idea as well, though they were quite shocked at the price when I showed them some prospectuses. We decided to find the right school by contacting a teacher who knew quite a few schools in England. So he wrote to some schools, and they sent us their prospectuses. We were able to find a school that was not that expensive. You cannot imagine how excited I was on the day of my departure. My parents took me to the airport in Düsseldorf. It was the first time that I flew on my own. So that was another reason for me to be nervous. Saying "Goodbye" to my parents was a hard thing, too. I was not going to see them for three months (it was not so bad after all). The flight and my arrival in  England were alright. A taxi-driver was waiting for me, and he took me to Oswestry School. The school, from the outside, did not look like an old English boarding school. I mean like I had imagined it. But inside, the buildings were nice and had a warm atmosphere. Of course, the first two weeks were hard because I did not understand everything in class, and life was so different from the one at home. But the people there were really friendly and tried to help me settle in. And after about two weeks I felt as if I had already been there for a couple of month. But some things were still really strange. I mean for example that you were supposed to do your homework in the evening, from 6.30 p.m. till 9 p.m. with a break of only 15 minutes. Another thing was that we were only allowed to go out at night once a week. And we had to be back at 10.15 p.m. I know you probably think now: "Oh, that's horrible! " But if all your friends have to be back in at 10.15 p.m., you do not really mind the time. I could tell you lots of other things about an English boarding school, but that would take me ages. So I have decided to tell you just the most important thing: it is really worth attending such a strict and conservative school. My English has improved a lot, and I have had so many great experiences that I would regret not having gone to England. So let me tell you this: if you have got the opportunity, take it and go to another country! You will see that it is really helpful to meet people from other countries, see their way of life and all that. It is definitely worth it.